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The "The After Years" collection, under the concept of 'futurist costumbrism', shows the wardrobe of a girl living in year 2180 in a hypothetical future where natural resources as we know today are no longer available.

Curious by birth, this girl from the future reproduces how life on Earth was like in her grandparents' time on an app called "Shared Dreams" on her iBrain (the smartphone that would be inside her brain). In this simulation, she can see, smell and feel those simple things that they used to enjoy: walking surrounded by greenery, playing at not getting hit by the waves or waking up by the song of a little bird perched on the windowsill.

The protagonist's longing for nature is captured in the collection with elements such as the representation of the water's surface on a handbag, or the flowers and butterflies that decorate sleeves and are used as hair accessories. All these elements of nature are, precisely, made with materials that have caused their disappearance, in this case, with water bottles. 


Editorial photoshoot by Borja de la Lama - @borjalama

The aim is to transmit a desolation taken into fashion, in which the young woman tries to put an end to the cause of the problem, transforming it and wearing her own version of how it would be to live surrounded by fields and water, and thus minimise its absence.​

It also features two types of fabrics: those that evoke the natural, materials that would be valuable in the future, such as animal hair, organic cotton or fishing net; and fabrics that evoke the artificial, materials that will exist in the future, such as plastic, dichroic or iridescent fabrics.

This project develops the SS20 collection under the brand of the designer, Alicia Cao. In it we can appreciate silhouettes with a retro futuristic air combining classic cuts such as the A- line skirt, with more extravagant cuts such as the deconstruction to create volumes from the cleaning of seams and the creation of very high and rigid necks that are almost impossible. This selection includes garments ranging from the absolute minimalism of a mini skirt, through comfortable sporty outfits, dresses for special occasions, to long fur coats.

negro 39 39 43.jpeg
verde forro 30 77 90.jpeg
VERDE AGUA 107 155 163.jpeg
azul petroleo 0 99 134.jpeg
azul claro 189 211 226.jpeg
blanco metalizado 241 243 255.jpeg
beige 246 239 229.jpeg
mostaza 255 191 58.jpeg
rojo anaranjado 218 58 44.jpeg
Technical_drawings_Cao_Alicia 3.jpg
Technical_drawings_Cao_Alicia 2.jpg

Project Memorandum

to the future

I am working hard to show you more as soon as possible...
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